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What is Sleep Apnoea? (Sleep Apnea)

Sleep apnoea is a condition that interrupts your breathing when you are asleep. This is usually caused by an obstruction blocking the back of the throat.

NODSS – Sleep Apnoea

Read about obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), a condition where the walls of the throat relax during sleep and interrupt normal breathing.

What is Sleep Apnea? – Healthy Sleep Solutions

Sleep apnea (also spelt as sleep apnoea) is not just snoring or feeling tired during the day – it is a serious medical condition. It not only affects your sleep but …

Obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome: Symptoms, treatments, and more

Obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome is the most common form of apnoea. Here is some information to help you understand how obstructive sleep apnoea …

Treatment of Sleep Apnoea – Sleep Apnoea Trust

When sleep apnoea (and snoring) are not severe then simple approaches can help. Losing some weight, not drinking alcohol after 6.00pm (alcohol relaxes the …

Apnoea | Define Apnoea at Dictionary.com

Apnoea definition, a temporary suspension of breathing, occurring in some newborns (infant apnea) and in some adults during sleep (sleep apnea) See more.

apnoea | Definition of apnoea in English by Oxford Dictionaries

Definition of apnoea – temporary cessation of breathing, especially during sleep.

Apnea – Wikipedia

Apnea or apnoea is suspension of breathing. During apnea, there is no movement of the muscles of inhalation, and the volume of the lungs initially remains …

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