Controlling Sleep Paralysis

Taking Control of Sleep Paralysis

After more than 20 years of dealing with sleep paralysis myself, this is a topic that I feel I have a great deal of experience. I’ve had many nights where I experienced multiple episodes of sleep paralysis. During one period of a few months. I was having about five episodes nightly. As you might expect, I eventually developed my own methods of dealing with these episodes. This has allowed me to overcome much of the anxiety that used to accompany each episode. In some cases, the half-asleep state accompanying these episodes could be filled with terror. But now I can actually create enjoyable experiences out of sleep paralysis.

controlling sleep paralysis

In writing this I am hopeful that others will be able to benefit from my years of experience. I have also discussed the topic thoroughly with others who have gone through their own sleep paralysis events. The main thing I hope to achieve is to empower people to live free of fear. The first time this happens to you can be very frightening. It continues to be quite frightening until you understand what it is. It becomes pleasant when you learn how you can take advantage of sleep paralysis using the following information that I’ve compiled for you.

Beat Your Fear

Your fear of sleep paralysis should already be dwindling, just in understanding that many people go through it and that it is seldom a dangerous thing. Going beyond this point will take a little more effort. But it can be done. Others, such as myself, have proven that.

Emotions such as anxiety, even to the point of terror, are a natural part of the human experience. Even when accompanied by hallucinations, the fact that you’re unable to move makes sleep paralysis a relatively harmless state. Internalizing this information can be done in the following two steps:

1. Learn all you can about sleep paralysis. The more you know about why you feel paralyzed and what the end result of your situation, the less uncertainty about the future you’ll have to fear.

2. Learn from others who have gone through similar experiences. It is often a great aid to the human psyche simply to listen to other people describe the same experiences and emotions we’ve experienced. Feeling isolated and alone can bring about irrational anxieties.

Taking Control of Your Sleep Paralysis

After years of controlling my sleep paralysis experiences and sharing this information with others, I’m convinced that just about anyone can take control of sleep paralysis episodes. However, you must learn to recognize when it is occurring and how to stay relaxed while it occurs before you can control your experience. It is actually quite easy once you’ve gotten past the fear of the unknown.

When you’re experiencing it, you must give in to the fact that for whatever length of time, you’ll be in sleep paralysis. With some practice you may get to the point where you can instantly take control of events. If you’re like me, with plenty of practice you’ll even learn how to induce or turn off sleep paralysis altogether. Once you’ve done this you’ll never fear it again.

Dreams Coinciding With Sleep Paralysis

You may be wondering why you would want to induce or go along with sleep paralysis when you have such an option. The key is that sleep paralysis is a part of the dream state. Dreaming at night is an important aspect of maintaining your health. Lucid dreaming takes place when you’re aware that you’re dreaming and thus able to consciously make changes in the path of your dream. Once you learn how to recognize sleep paralysis and gain an awareness of your dreams, you can make them whatever you want them to be.

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