Effects Of Interrupted Sleep

Information on Effects Of Interrupted Sleep

Interrupted sleep impacts mood more than lack of sleep, study finds

There's no doubt that waking up every few hours makes you tired in the morning, but you'll never believe the other ways that it hurts your physical and mental …

Study: Interrupted Sleep May Be as Harmful as No Sleep at All

What's more, there was little difference in the negative effects of interrupted sleep (defined as four prolonged awakenings spread across eight …

Why Interrupted Sleep Is Worse Than Short Sleep – Time Magazine

… the candle at both ends, a night without interrupted sleep is hard to come by. … have a calming effect on the body and stimulate the production of soothing …

Side Effects of Inconsistent Sleep | HuffPost

What is more concerning is the effects it has on your mind body and … when you experience an inconsistent and interrupted sleep regimen …

Why disrupted sleep is as bad as getting none at all – Telegraph

“Besides the physical effects of interrupted sleep, parents often develop feelings of anger toward their infants and then feel guilty about these …

Effect of interrupted sleep patterns and partial sleep deprivation on …

Acta Psychiatr Scand. 1987 Jun;75(6):614-8. Effect of interrupted sleep patterns and partial sleep deprivation on DST and mood in psychiatric house officers.

Interrupted sleep can prevent slow wave sleep and wreck your mood …

The researchers tested the impact of disrupted sleep on mood with the help of 62 healthy men and women who agreed to spend three nights in …

How Being Woken Up Mid-Sleep Cycle Affects You – Bustle

This follows up findings that interrupted sleep, or awakening during a … the next day, and to impact negatively on participants' job performance.

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