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Read This If You Take Melatonin To Sleep At Night | HuffPost
Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland , a small gland in the brain. Melatonin helps control your sleep and wake cycles. … Melatonin supplements are sometimes used to treat jet lag or sleep problems (insomnia).

Melatonin for Sleep: Does It Work? – Johns Hopkins Medicine
“Your brain associates this light with daytime, and it can interfere with melatonin's sleep-promoting effects. A filter can help.” Many types of blue-light filters are …

The Dark Side and Downsides of Melatonin | Van Winkle's
Twenty-one years ago, MIT neuroscientist Dr. Richard Wurtman introduced melatonin as a new solution to sleep problems. His lab patented …

How Melatonin Can Help You Sleep and Feel Better – Healthline
Melatonin is a hormone that tells your body when it's time to sleep. This article examines the effectiveness and safety of melatonin supplements.

Melatonin for Sleep: What You Need to Know First | Reader's Digest
Tempted to take melatonin to help you sleep? It might help or it may hurt—take time to make sure you know the facts first.

Q&A: Why Is Blue Light before Bedtime Bad for Sleep? – Scientific …
… discuss how blue light negatively affects health and sleep patterns. … sleep-inducing hormone melatonin more than any other wavelength.

How to Sleep – The Atlantic
Should you drink more coffee? Should you take melatonin? Can you train yourself to need less sleep? A physician's guide to sleep in a stressful age.

Melatonin – Supplement Facts and Effects – Live Science
Melatonin supplements are commonly used to treat sleep problems, but melatonin has other effects on health too. Here's a look at research on …

Melatonin Dosage | by the National Sleep Foundation
Find out the correct amount of melatonin to take to fall asleep.

Does Melatonin Really Help You Sleep? – Consumer Reports
Melatonin can help some people sleep a little bit better, but the benefits are usually small, explains health experts at Consumer Reports.

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