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Sleep disorder – Wikipedia
Here is a look at 6 terrifying and strange sleep disorders: … This disorder occurs when the body does not become paralyzed during sleep, …

Sleep Disorders Center: Types of Sleep Disorders, Symptoms – WebMD
A sleep disorder, or somnipathy, is a medical disorder of the sleep patterns of a person or … (DSPD), inability to awaken and fall asleep at socially acceptable times but no problem with sleep maintenance, a disorder of circadian rhythms.

Sleep Disorders by Category – Sleep Education
List of categories of sleep disorders. … the sleep times are out of alignment. A patient with one of these disorders does not follow the normal sleep times at night.

Sleep Disorders and Problems: Symptoms, Treatment, and Self-Help
Learn the symptoms of common sleep disorders and how you can help yourself. … But then, no matter how exhausted you feel at night, you still have trouble …

Medical Mystery: When Sleep Doesn't Come, Death Does – ABC News
Barbara couldn't speak because she couldn't sleep — at all. … "Whether I do or do not have this disease, it cannot define me. It cannot define …

Sleep Disorder Types – Sleep Disorders –
Sleep Disorders Types and Symptoms: Overview, Sleeplessness or Lack of Sleep, … tired much of the time and often worry a lot about not getting enough sleep.

Sleep Disorders: Causes, Diagnosis & Treatments – Healthline
This means that you will suddenly feel extremely tired and fall asleep without warning. The disorder can also cause sleep paralysis, which may …

An Overview of Sleep Disorders | Healthy Sleep
A variety of sleep disorders can cause similar symptoms, such as … A sleep doctor can help determine not only the origin and severity of a …

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