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Sleeping Pills and Natural Sleep Aids: Prescription and Over-the …

Still, it's been weeks and a good night's sleep remains elusive. Is it time for an over-the-counter sleep aid? Here's what you need to know if you're considering …

4 Best Over The Counter Sleeping Pills – Best OTC Sleep Aids

OTC sleep aids can help people fall asleep and stay asleep with a minimum of side effects. Active ingredients in these sleep remedies are gentler than those …

The 7 Best Over The Counter Sleep Aids I've Personally Tested

Find out about the strongest over the counter sleep aids, how well they worked when I tried them and what side effects you can expect from …

Over-the-counter sleep aids, sleeping pills widely misused, Consumer …

Over-the-counter sleep aids that contain this drug (as well as doxylamine) might help you get to sleep. And what's more, their packaging …

Best sleeping pills for insomnia – Consumer Reports

Trouble sleeping? Learn about the risks vs. benefits of prescription and over-the-counter sleeping pills, and what you need to know to sleep safely.

Why Unisom – Unisom OTC Sleep-Aids

Millions of people trust Unisom for a safe and restful night's sleep. Unisom over-the-counter sleep-aid products help you fall asleep and wake refreshed.

6 Doctor-Recommended Sleep Aids | Real Simple

Over-the-Counter Sleeping Pill. Try it: When you're going through a short period of sleeplessness, like during a stressful time at work. How to use it: At bedtime, …

How Sleeping Pills Work: OTC and Prescription Drugs – WebMD

From dependency risks to a.m. drowsiness, not all sleep aids work alike. Which is right for you?

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