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Natural Sleep Aids: 11 Home Cures for Insomnia | Reader's Digest
Before you rush to the drugstore to buy an over-the-counter (OTC) sleep medication, try one of the following natural sleep remedies. Many of these can not only …

Natural Sleep Solutions – WebMD
A regular sleep/wake pattern helps you feel refreshed and ready for …. are numerous natural remedies for insomnia, with little to no side effects, …

13 All-Natural Ways To Fall Asleep Faster | HuffPost
About 9 million U.S. adults use prescription sleep aids to ensure quality … need extra help,” says Michael A. Grandner, Ph.D., of the Center for Sleep and … he says, but many people haven't heard of remedies beyond pills. tea.

Top 10 Natural Sleep Aids & Tips | What Causes Insomnia? | Dr. Weil
Natural Remedies for Insomnia … Ask yourself these questions (and try the simple sleep aid recommendations) if you find yourself waking frequently in the night:.

18 Natural Sleep Aids to Get Better Sleep | Everyday Roots
Tart cherry juice is a natural sleep aid because it's full of tryptophan. … popular as a natural anxiety remedy-prescription anxiety medication also increase GABA, …

12 Cheap and Natural Insomnia Remedies | Everyday Health
Will you toss and turn before you fall asleep tonight? Then try one of these natural cures for insomnia for better sleep and to stop insomnia.

6 Science-Backed Sleep Remedies – Time Magazine
TIME-Health-stock-meditation. Getty Images. sleep … In the meantime, these alternative remedies may help you get back to sleep sooner.

10 Natural Ways to Sleep Better – Healthline
Getting adequate sleep can help a number of health conditions, including bipolar disorder. Here are tips to get the shut-eye you need to …

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