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Sleep Apnea-When To Call a Doctor – WebMD
Suspect you might have sleep apnea? Find a sleep specialist near you.

Getting a Sleep Apnea Diagnosis –
Doctors that specialize in sleep disorders (insomnia, sleep apnea, etc) and their treatment are “Board Certified” in sleep medicine. They often have other, related …

Sleep Apnea-When To Call a Doctor – WebMD
Call your doctor if: You or your bed partner snores loudly and heavily and feels sleepy during the day; you notice that your bed partner stops breathing, gasps, …

Where to Find a Sleep Specialist – WebMD
You may need a sleep specialist if a sleep disorder is interfering with your daily life. … Dentists interested in treating sleep disorders with oral appliances are often members of the American Academy of Dental … Sleep Apnea.

What type of doctor specializes in obstructive sleep apnea? – Sharecare
Certain neurologists, pulmonologists (lung doctor), and otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat doctor) specialize in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

Pittsburgh PA Sleep Specialist Doctors – Sleep Apnea: Learn About …
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Sleep Specialist Doctors physician directory – Learn about sleep apnea, including a description of types of sleep apnea, symptoms, …

7 Types of Doctors Who Treat Sleep Apnea | Healthgrades
Make the best health decisions by reading 7 Types of Doctors Who Treat Sleep Apnea at Healthgrades, America's leading resource for finding …

How Is Sleep Apnea Diagnosed? – NHLBI, NIH
Doctors diagnose sleep apnea based on medical and family histories, a physical exam, and sleep study results. Your primary care doctor may evaluate your …

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