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Treatment – Insomnia – National Sleep Foundation
In order to properly treat and cure your insomnia, you need to become a sleep detective. Emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression cause half of …

Insomnia treatment: Cognitive behavioral therapy instead of sleeping …
Insomnia is a common disorder, and effective treatment can be crucial to getting the sleep you need. Explore safe, effective, nondrug insomnia treatments.

Treatments for Insomnia: Medication, Lifestyle, and More – Healthline
Plenty of treatment options for insomnia are available. Good sleep habits and a healthy diet can remedy many cases of insomnia. Behavior …

How Is Insomnia Treated? – NHLBI, NIH
Anxiety tends to prolong insomnia. Several medicines also can help relieve insomnia and re-establish a regular sleep schedule. However …

Causes and Treatments for Sleep Onset Insomnia –
When you can't get your mind to stop racing at night so that you can go to sleep you're experiencing sleep onset insomnia. Find out about temporary and chronic …

The First Line of Treatment for Insomnia That'll Surprise You | Psych …
Below, Dr. Silberman, author of The Insomnia Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Sleep You Need, offers insight into insomnia and its treatment …

Treatment of insomnia in adults – UpToDate
Insomnia was previously viewed as a sleep disturbance that was … sleep disorder, or medication, and would improve with treatment of the …

SHUTi | A proven online CBTi program for insomnia
“This is the Single Best Cure for Insomnia That No One Is Talking About” … body and mind for great sleep through six engaging Cognitive Behavioral Therapy … behavioral therapy for insomnia, CBT-I, as their initial treatment.

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