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Insomnia (Chronic and Acute Insomnia) Causes and Symptoms
Learn about this sleep disorder that impacts millions of people each year. … If you can't sleep, you may be wondering if you have insomnia. Insomnia is a …

Insomnia – Symptoms and causes – Mayo Clinic
If insomnia makes it hard for you to function during the day, see your doctor to identify the cause of your sleep problem and how it can be …

Insomnia Causes Symptoms Diagnosis and Treatment – Sleep …
Sleep help for insomnia, the inability get to sleep or stay asleep. The AASM covers the insomnia symptoms, causes and treatments.

Insomnia – Wikipedia
Jump to Sleep hygiene – Sleep hygiene is a common term for all of the behaviors which … may also be helpful in reducing the symptoms of insomnia.

The 11 Kinds of Insomnia – Health,,20460833,00.html
Can't sleep? Here are 11 types of insomnia developed by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Insomnia: What to Do When You Can't Fall Asleep or Stay Asleep
Having trouble sleeping? Find tips and simple strategies that can help you beat insomnia for good.

Up All Night | The New Yorker
Nathaniel Kleitman, known as the “father of modern sleep research,” was born in … Ovaltine and hoped to promote it as a remedy for insomnia.

The Evidence Points to a Better Way to Fight Insomnia – The New York …
A review of data shows that cognitive behavior therapy works better than sleep medications.

Secrets of Sleep – National Geographic Magazine
She belongs to a family carrying the gene for fatal familial insomnia. The main symptom of FFI, as the disease is often called, is the inability to sleep. First the …

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