Sleep Issues In Adults

Information on Sleep Issues In Adults

Sleep Disorders: Symptoms & Types – WebMD
But if sleep problems are a regular occurrence and interfere with your daily life, you may be suffering from a sleep disorder. Sleep disorders cause more than just …

Sleep Disorders & Problems – National Sleep Foundation
Discover everything you need to know about sleep disorders & problems, find articles … Approximately one in ten adult Americans suffer from Restless Legs …

Sleep Disorders: Symptoms & Types – WebMD
The harsh reality is that few adults sleep tight. The National Sleep Foundation's most recent Sleep Index study revealed that 35% of adults rated …

The 4 Most Common Sleep Disorders: Symptoms and Prevalence
What are the most common sleep disorders robbing people of quality sleep? … to all kinds of cardiological problems down the road including heart attack, … Approximately 10% of adults and 2% of children suffer from restless …

Sleep disorders in older adults: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia
Sleep problems are common in older adults. The amount of sleep needed stays constant throughout the adult years. Doctors recommend that …

Sleep Disorders: Causes, Diagnosis & Treatments – Healthline
These sleeping problems may eventually go away once treatment is … The disorder is most prevalent among older adults and women.

ADHD and Sleep: Why You're Always Tired – ADDitude
Adults with ADHD know that their sleep can be disturbed by mental and physical … Sleep problems did not fit neatly into the American Psychiatric Association's …

Signs You Could Have a Sleep Disorder – Health,,20502289,00.html
It makes sense that people dealing with other health issues, such as depression, illness, or chronic pain, would have a harder time sleeping peacefully.

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