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Adult Nightmares: Causes and Treatments – WebMD
Are your nightmares causing you significant distress? Are they interrupting your sleep on a regular basis? If so, it's important to determine …

What Causes Nightmares | by the National Sleep Foundation
Eating Before Bed: A pre-bedtime snack can increase your metabolism, which causes the brain to become more active and can possibly lead to nightmares.

How to Avoid Nightmares and Get More Restful Sleep – Amerisleep
Learn about the science behind nightmares, what has been shown to cause them and how to get more peaceful sleep.

Nightmares – Research & Treatments | American Sleep Assoc
Need to know more about Nightmares? Find expert research & treatment advice from the American Sleep Association – Official Site.

Nightmares & Sleep Terrors – National Sleep Foundation
Find the top information from accreddited physicians and doctors about Nightmares & Sleep Terrors. Discover a wealth of information on National Sleep …

How to Avoid Nightmares and Bad Dreams to Get More Restful Sleep …
Nightmares typically occur during the REM phases of rest, showing up in the later half of your sleep. Little is known about why we dream in …

Overview – Sleep Education
Nightmares that occur frequently and keep you from getting restful sleep are considered a sleep disorder. Nightmare disorder is a parasomnia, a category of …

Sleep – Dreams – Nightmares – HowSleepWorks
Nightmares – part of a website about sleep, sleep patterns, sleep disorders, dreams, circadian rhythms, why we sleep, how we sleep, how much sleep we need, …

Nightmares | Psychology Today
Occurring during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, a nightmare is a dream that results in feelings of extreme fear, horror, distress, or anxiety. This phenomenon …

6 Creepy Things You Never Knew About Your Nightmares | Prevention
Everyone has nightmares once in a while (if you have them frequently, it could be a sleep disorder), but adults tend to have them less than …

Nightmares – Sleep – Dreams – The New York Times
Ask people to recall how many nightmares they had in the last year, said one dream researcher, and they might say one or two. Ask them to …

Sleep Paralysis Is an Inescapable Waking Nightmare – Motherboard
I could hear, at least. That's why I was awake to begin with: someone was banging on the front door in the middle of the night, insistent, sharp, …

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