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Creepy Sleep – Sudden Nocturnal Death – Beddit
The death may be caused by the extreme muscle atonia during Sleep Paralysis, which is so severe that even the cardiac muscles and the diaghragm paralyze.

When dreams kill: The phenomenon of sleep paralysis – The Week
Something was killing Hmong men in their sleep, and no one could figure out what it was. There was no obvious cause of death. None of them …

Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome – Wikipedia
Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS), also known as sudden adult death syndrome, sudden unexpected/unexplained death syndrome (SUDS) or sudden unexpected/unexplained nocturnal death syndrome (SUNDS), is a sudden unexpected death of adolescents and adults, mainly during sleep. … Sudden unexpected death syndrome once caused more deaths among …

Can sleep paralysis cause sudden unexplained nocturnal death …
Sleep researchers conclude which, generally, rest paralysis is merely an indicator that the person is not moving smoothly with the stages associated with sleep.

Can you slip into a coma or die during sleep paralysis? – Quora
You can't slip into a coma. That's a completely different thing.[1] Can you die during sleep … I don't think you can understand how people die of fright and not consider the fact that sleep paralysis can cause death. Footnotes. [1] Coma: Types …

Can Sleep Paralysis Cause Death – YouTube
Uratex Paralysis Can … Can sleep paralysis cause …

9 Ways to Wake Up From Sleep Paralysis | dream studies portal
Sleep paralysis is the terrifying feeling of being held down after just waking up or going to sleep. You can't move or scream, and sometimes this …

ASP vs SUNDS and SIDS – Awareness during Sleep Paralysis vs …
SUNDS = Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death Syndrome … When a researchers hypothesize that "sleep paralysis" causes SUNDS, are they suggesting that …

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