Sleeping Disorder Symptoms Nhs

Information on Sleeping Disorder Symptoms Nhs

Narcolepsy – Symptoms – NHSUK – NHS Choices
Not everyone with narcolepsy experiences t he same symptoms. … If necessary, you'll be referred to a sleep disorder specialist, who can confirm the diagnosis.

Idiopathic hypersomnia (unexplained daytime … – NHS Choices
Jump to Signs and symptoms – Most people with idiopathic hypersomnia also sleep for more than 10 … have mental health problems, such as anxiety or …

Sleep self-assessment – NHS Choices
An assessment which gauges how much insomnia and sleep problems are affecting you.

Narcolepsy – NHSUK – NHS Choices
Find out what narcolepsy is, including information about symptoms and causes, plus … If necessary, you'll be referred to a specialist in sleep disorders, who will …

Insomnia – Treatment – NHSUK – NHS Choices
Jump to Sleeping tablets – Sleeping tablets (hypnotics) are medications that encourage sleep. … mask the symptoms without treating the underlying cause. … increased snoring and breathing problems during sleep; dry mouth; confusion.

Insomnia – NHS.UK
Insomnia means you regularly have problems sleeping. It usually gets better by … you're tired. You can have these symptoms for months, sometimes years.

Excessive daytime sleepiness (hypersomnia) – NHS.UK
Excessive sleepiness and sleeping (hypersomnia) means you struggle to stay … An unusual feeling in your legs, particularly at night, restless legs syndrome.

Sleeping Disorders Symptoms Nhs Icon Kills Quiz Pop – tacman sleep
Sleeping Disorders Symptoms Nhs Icon Kills Quiz Pop boppy Pregnancy Sleep Wedge. Usually fainting occurs while standing. Counting …

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