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Nightmares: Why they happen and what to do about them | BabyCenter
If your child wakes up crying or fearful and has trouble getting back to sleep, chances are he's had a nightmare. These scary episodes usually take place during the second half of the night, when dreaming is most likely to occur. … Nightmares shouldn't be confused with night terrors …

How to Handle Your Toddler's or Preschooler's Nightmares and Night …
Has your toddler started having nightmares? Our expert explains why bad dreams might happen, and what you can do to soothe your toddler when they do.

Nightmares in Children: Solutions & Answers – National Sleep …
Help your kids sleep better, learn the solutions for soothing nightmares in children. Help your kids get a good night's sleep with the National Sleep Foundation.

Is my toddler having nightmares? — Bringing Up Kids
Our son Sean is two. He used to sleep well, but the past few weeks have been terrible. We think he might be having nightmares. He wakes up …

Nightmares – KidsHealth
Nightmares aren't totally preventable, but parents can help kids feel better when … It's not clear at what age kids begin to dream, but even toddlers may speak …

toddler Nightmares – What to Expect When You're Expecting
You know your toddler has a vivid imagination — it's when it wakes him up at night that it becomes a problem. What to do to help calm his fears.

What Can I Do About My Toddler's Nightmares? • ZERO TO THREE
A. Just like adults, children sometimes work out confusing or difficult feelings and experiences through their dreams. Nightmares at this age are …

Parenting and Child Health – Health Topics – Nightmares –
Jump to Using children's imagination – Some people say it is important that if children are afraid of 'monsters', that you do not pretend that there are …

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