What If You Have Trouble Sleeping

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Difficulty sleeping: Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis – Healthline

People with insomnia tend to have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep … If you get into bed and cannot fall asleep after 20 minutes, get up and return to …

Having Trouble Sleeping? – WebMD

Ah, the insomniac's plight: waking up with a hangover without having had a drop to drink. A poor night's sleep can have you starting your day …

5 Reasons Why You Might Have Trouble Sleeping (And What You …

5 Reasons Why You Might Have Trouble Sleeping (And What You Can Do … if we could take a different approach to getting them back to sleep.

Sleep Disorders and Problems: Symptoms, Treatment, and Self-Help

Sleeping difficulty is when you have trouble sleeping at night. It may be hard for you to fall asleep, or you may wake up several times throughout the night. … If you live with fibromyalgia, you know that it's a complex disorder …

The 11 Kinds of Insomnia – Health

Yes, you may have trouble falling asleep (known as sleep-onset insomnia), … If they are not given strict bedtimes, then they may linger awake for hours at night.

What to Do if You Can't Sleep – KidsHealth

But if you've ever had too little sleep, you know that you don't feel very well when you're not rested. Some kids have trouble falling to sleep, sometimes called …

7 scientific tricks for falling asleep – Business Insider

BI Answers: I have a terrible time falling asleep. Is there … If you have trouble sleeping, give one or several of these strategies a try. Getting …

What Can't I Stay Asleep | Sleep.org

But if you wake up in the middle of the night at least three times a week, and it's been going on for at least three months, you may have what's called sleep …

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